Review: The new number 1 restaurant in Hanmer Springs

We first visited this restaurant back in July 2017 not long after it first opened. We’ve been back many times and they never fail to deliver. Now they’ve attained the #1 spot on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Hanmer Springs.

At MK-Restaurant*, be prepared for amazing flavour sensations in every dish, everything so fresh tasting and locally sourced – some of it from the local forest. Oh and make sure you have room for desert. This is Michelin quality cooking – we’re just lucky these two chefs like to live in Hanmer Springs.

As one of their guests was overheard saying last night “this place is worth a day trip up from Christchurch to visit! There is nothing else like this in the whole South Island”.

* The “M” is for chef Mirek who comes out of the kitchen to check that his guests are enjoying what has been created (another breath of fresh air), and “K” is for chef Kristina who prefers to stay out of the lime-light.