Environmentally friendly guests

One of our guests at Tussock Peak Motor Lodge liked our focus on minimising our environmental footprint a lot, because she was part of an active group with the same outlook. She came to our office with a very special gift, some “Boomerang Bags”.

Boomerang Bags

Kathy from AgnesWater/1770 in Australia is part of a global grassroots group who get together regularly and make “Boomerang Bags” from donated or re-purposed material. They give these bags away for free, to encourage giving up using plastic bags for transporting groceries, library books or other shopping.

Some of the bags have a little pocket into which you can fold the whole bag, making them a small item to carry easily with you or have in your car.
Kathy has sent us a selection of these bags to give away, no catch, for you to use, return or to pass on. Next time you are staying with us, please ask for one.

What started in Australia, Boomerang Bags groups are now found in over 1,100 places all around the world: UK, Japan, USA, Germany, Poland, Brazil, France, Netherlands, China, etc. AND including New Zealand (23 groups!).

If you would like to make Boomerang Bags too, you can find out how to get a group started, or contact an existing group, at www.boomerangbags.org

Thanks Kathy!