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If you have an Electric Vehicle (EV) then you will know, when you go on holidays, just as it is nice to retire for the evening with a well fed belly, it is just as nice to relax, knowing that by the morning you will have a well charged battery.

At Tussock Peak Motor Lodge, here in the main part of Hanmer Springs village, we have installed two 32amp AC chargers, delivering up to 7.4kW per hour. That’s up to 6 times faster than an ordinary house plug “trickle” charger, or 3 times faster than a “caravan” socket.

Depending on the AC-DC converter in your EV, that can mean a full charge from 0 (zero) in as little as 6 hours.

Next time you are planning a trip to Hanmer Springs, book in to stay with us and ask to reserve an EV charging parking space.

As well as the two chargers, we have two loan cables, for type 1 and type 2 charging ports, (typically Nissan Leaf EV’s have type 1, all others have type 2). The charging station socket itself is a type 2 socket, so Tesla and other EVs with a type 2 converter cable can also plug straight in.

When planning your trip, you can find us on PlugShare: Tussock Peak Motor Lodge in Hanmer Springs, the nicest little alpine village in the South Island.

PlugShare is available as an app for your phone, or on the web