No smoking or vaping ?
Did you know? The majority of people don’t smoke, 
even among our top overseas visitors.
% non smokers:
New Zealand 84%
Australia 85%
Europe 70%
United Kingdom 78%
China 75%.

New Zealand has a goal to be smokefree by 2025, meaning that less than 5% of our population will smoke by this time.

From 1st January, smoking or vaping will not be permitted anywhere at Tussock Peak Motor Lodge: Smoking and vaping have not been permitted in our motel rooms for many years. As part of New Zealand’s ambition to be smoke-free by 2025, from 1st January 2020, smoking and vaping will not be permitted anywhere on the property. The nearest area where smoking is permitted is the grassed area on Leamington Street just to the side of the motel. 

Hanmer Springs village centre, is smoking and vaping free. For the first half of 2019, Hanmer Springs trialed a voluntary ban on smoking and vaping in the village centre. Visitors, residents and businesses were surveyed during these 6 months, with the result being a clear support for continuing the voluntary ban on a permanent basis. The message was; although not mandatory, it is appreciated that no-one smoked or vapes in the village, so that everyone can enjoy the fresh mountain air.